Keeping Kids Safe: Call to Action

Child abuse and neglect isn’t just an issue in April. On the final day of this Child Abuse Prevention Month, we invite you to reflect on the content and opportunities we’ve shared over the past 30 days and then decide what you will do to carry this message forward throughout the year. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Schedule an ACEs & Resiliency Training or film screening for your community:

2. Complete the mandatory reporter training online:

3. Support local CASAs, shelters, CACs and other nonprofits who are servicing and support children and families in your community through donation or volunteering.

4. Attend a local event that benefits or educates about services for SD children and families:…

5. Take a minute to sign up for the CPCM mailing list to receive a monthly newsletter and stay up to date on events and initiatives in your community and across the state.

We can eliminate child maltreatment in South Dakota. It starts with you!