South Dakota children are facing child abuse and maltreatment at an alarming rate, and there are arguably an additional undetermined number of cases that go unreported.

There is hope! Child maltreatment IS preventable; however, neighborhoods, systems and communities must work together to build resiliency opportunities. The vision of Resilient Communities: South Dakota is to provide coalitions with the tools, support, and statewide resources so that they are better able to know about, respond to and prevent child maltreatment in their communities.


An important component of Resilient Communities: South Dakota is increasing awareness of the impact of early trauma and maltreatment. Studies show that Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) have a direct impact on an individual’s nervous system, which creates long-term health and at-risk behavior linked consequences. By preventing ACES, we can prevent:  (Bulleted select Stats from ink-spill slide)  

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