Trauma and ACEs Missing in Response to Opioid Crisis, Says New Report

A policy brief issued in July by the Campaign for Trauma-Informed Policy and Practice (CTIPP) forcefully develops the case for trauma-informed approaches to address the opioid crisis—to prevent and treat addiction—based on strong evidence that adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are at the root of the crisis.

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Private Girls’ School on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is ‘Safe Haven’

Anpo Wicahpi, Morning Star, signifies new beginnings in the Lakota language and is believed to be a source of strength for young women according to school leaders. Described as the first school of its kind by Anpo Wicahpi founders, the private school finished out its first year in Spring 2017 with 14 students from grades 6 and 7. “Our school is a safe haven for girls. It’s not only a college preparatory school with rigorous academic standards but also a place where girls can identify with the positive aspects of being Lakota,” Giago said.